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Lastwords bio


After playing together in various bands. Five friends decided to cut our ties and create the music we really wanted to hear. lastwords was our way of tying their love of melody, energy and passion to energetic hardcore and driven metal. Something that epitomises the live shows. After a recording a two-track demo in a day we hit the live circuit to try and affect some lives with the passion we feel for music.

Rather than pigeon hole ourselves into a neat package they tried to draw together our influences pursue a more expansive sound, allowing us to play with a diverse range of acts. From the blisteringly heavy metal of Outcryfire to the melody infected rock of Skirtbox giving us the range to find favour with fans of most genres yet the drive find a sound that stands alone.

Over the last few months’ things have been really picking up for us with us gaining a clothing sponsor and some well received praise from In At The Deep End Records (home to Gallows , Architects, Send More Paramedics and Suicide Silence) for the demo “Awesome… especially the unique vocal style” as well as several plays on total rock radio.






Rob: 07877 677629